Friday, December 11, 2009

Do you want a piece of cake?

One day, a girl just came back from her college. She felt so frustrated as she failed in her exam, left by her boyfriends, was scolded by lecturer ..let say that, she had the worst day ever on that day. When she returned home, she told to her mother on what had happened to her.

Then, the mother tried to appease her daughter by offering a piece of cake. "Do you want a piece of cake? "
" Of course I do!" the girl replied.

The mother brought her daughter into the kitchen. The girl sat at the dining table. She was totally flabbergasted when her mother gave her a bowl of cooking oil, raw eggs, wheat flour and some sugar. " Do you want a cake? Now, drink this cooking oil!"
Daughter: What? Ew~ I can't do that!
Mother : How about these raw eggs?
Daughter : No way, mum!
Mother : It's ok. Now, eat this flour.
Daughter : What?? I will be sick.
Mother : Well, I'm sure that you'll love that sugar.
Daughter : No, I won't!

Mother : You want a piece of cake right? But why don't you eat all these things? All of them absolutely not tasty if taken raw. But if all the ingredients is cooked together, they will make a piece of delicious cake!

As a conclusion, we all want to become successful. So, we have to face all the problems and accept the challenges. They are absolutely not fun. But if all the experiences of facing problems and challenges are combined together, they will make us become a better person!, do you want to have a piece of cake?


Muhammad Anas bin Kamarudin said...

suka cerita ni!

hanif hafiz said...

suke juge cerita ni!

kepalakotak said...

that's one mean mother.

anaknya mengalami emotional breakdown, maknya buat lawak tak tentu hala.

tp, makna tersampai. :D

khairi said...

to anas & abu :
suke jugak!

to aminh :
kalo aku jadi budak pompuan tu, aku beli kek sendiri. haha