Sunday, January 9, 2011

Exam Mode

Entering exam mode

1) always being with books 24 hour
2) nescafe addiction
3) deactivate facebook which I've spent so much time with it
4) no more hang out...Carrefour, San Stefano, Green Plaza etc (for a while)
5) having panda's eyebag. Less sleep
6) Lower anger and stress treshold
7) No mood to cook, ---> instant food or delivery~
8) Messy house (cos everybody is busy studying and feels like there's no time to tidy their home up)
9) Try not to hurt someone's feeling (although I already did that, really need to apology after the end of the exam)
10) Ask for forgiveness from everybody. Friends, seniors, juniors, bla bla bla..
11) daily phone calls to family in Malaysia
12 ) pray and keep praying to Allah SWT.

p/s : Study tu study juga tapi jangan lupa suruhan Allah kan? :D


hanif hafiz said...

black eye..

haematoma in 4th layer

applied anatomy..kuar soklan mcq esok ni,.

khairi malik said...

ouh, yup..dah bce yg ni. thanks for reminding abu.

gud luck esok.