Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hospital Management Result

To those who took Hospital Management as elective course in the last semester, I would like to tell you that our results had came out! May be some of you already knew about this but if you don't, you can check your result in

First, you have to sign in with your account (as usual). Then, go to "my course" and click "Hospital Management".

There, you can see at the top left it's written User Profile/ Administration (If I not mistaken~ haha).

Below the title, there are "Profile" and "Grades". Click on the "Grades" and you can see your whole user's report. To see your total marks, find something written like this 'Aggregation Course Total' at the bottom of the page (if I not mistaken). You can see your total marks is already being sum up there.

Besides that, you can see comments, opinions and advices from Dr. Tarek. He already examined our works and gave some comments on them.

I guess, total mark (full marks) is 100. So, you can see how much you've got over 100. I completely have no idea on how many marks we have to get to pass, but I think it is 60%.

Ok, I hope all of you pass with flying colours~ Salam!

p/s : Don't forget to be grateful and praise to Allah~

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