Monday, April 25, 2011

An Accident At Orchid Restaurant

This morning, I logged in my facebook account and read a link from Sayuti. It was about a Malaysian student who are studying in Egypt, was robbed recently. The post was written on April 11, so I guessed that the unfortunate moment were quite new.

The post put me in a great fright. Could you imagine, danger is everywhere and it even can chase you when you are at home! And just now ; around 11.30 a.m, my housemates and I saw an accident! We went to Coffee Bean Restaurant at Louran, which located near by San Stefano. We went there by tremco.

When we arrived, I heard a loud cry and quickly looked back to find where did the sound came from. Baem, who was the first of us who came out from the tremco, was in shock! It seems like he just saw something terribly happened. Baem just stood there, speechless and his body was quite shaking.

Guess what? I saw an old man, laid unconsciously on the road divider. He was so helpless and blood kept on streaming down from his head. I asked Baem on what had happened and Baem said that he saw the old man was hit by a taxi. The old man was hit ,and threw onto the roof of the taxi before he fell on the road divider.

There was something made me touched enough ; the family members of the old man were there! , and they saw how did the old man, (one of their family members) was hit severely by the taxi. I saw all of them ran across the road, tried reaching the old man and kept making loud cries. Could you imagine if someone from your family, was hit by a high-speeding car, IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES?!!

In few minutes, the place was crowded by nearby people. A policeman and an ambulance came and took the old man to hospital. We were so surprised to see the accident. It was so live that we saw it in front of our eyes! I hope the old man is still alive. I wish Allah SWT will give him another chance to live so that the old man can repent and do more "amal soleh".

After seeing the frightening accident, we crossed the road carefully, scared of being hit by accelerating cars just like the old man was. Baem, who really saw the accidents almost from the start was still shaking. May be Afiq and I were unlucky enough, because when we came out from the tremco, we just saw the old man already laid there, we do not see how the old man was hit. Or..should I say that Afiq and I were LUCKY?

I am so going to remember the accident.

I think they really have to make a "nafak" there!

p/s : Dangers are everywhere and death are so much closer than you thought!
So Alexandrians, please be more careful when you are crossing the road!


TomYaM bAsi said...

tapi yang penting buat nafak kat san stifano kot..
pernah nyaris2 kena langgar mase lintas kat situ..
sejak tu naek taxi jer..
nyawa lagi berharga kot..
selamat kembali ke sekolah kecik..

khairi malik said...

kak mardhati! lama x jmpe. rindu la plak. aiseh~

itu la pasal. sepatutnya dorg kena buat nafak kt situ cos tu tmpt ramai org pergi.

er...kenapa slamt kmbali ke skola plak? eheh