Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Learn From Mistakes

Alhamdulillah~ The endocrine system exam is over and I can start focusing on the assignments. Can I add more letter S behind the word? There are many assignments to be done but less time left and this lead to pathological stress. I repeat, PATHOLOGICAL STRESS! Not physiological stress okay~

During the exam, I was too confident answering the questions till I forgot to recheck the paper. There are some rules :

1. Do not be too confident with you answer. Please read the questions once again carefully.

2. If you think you found the answer in the MCQs, please do not move to the next questions yet. Please read all the choices given. May be the one you have answered is wrong ; it just too close with the actual answer. May be your choice is true, but it is not the best. Please find the best answer, not a true answer!

3. If all the questions have been answered, and there is still time left, please do not waste it. Start to re-answer it again as if you just begin.

After the exam ended, there are some other rules :

1. Do not check the answer from your book immediately. If you insist to check it, please do it at home. Checking answer just after finishing the exam will make you have no mood to attend and focus the lecture/class. Especially when you just realized that your answer is wrong!

2. If you checked the answers from book, and you found that your answer is wrong, please do not feel too frustrated. At least you still can learn form mistakes and you won't do the same mistake again in the final exam.

3. If you insist to check your answers, please refer from books directly. Do not refer to your friends no matter how clever he/she is. Nobody is perfect and so is she/he. Why? It's simple! If your answers are different from someone you refer to, you will feel very inferior and feel down. No matter how clever they are, they still can make mistakes right? It is still possible that you are right and they are wrong.

That's all from me. So guys, please be careful during the exam. The most important thing is, "NO CHEATING!".. It is illegal, unethically behavior and sinful.

p/s : There is someone who is suffering from Attention Deficiency Syndrome. And he keeps on seeking attention by doing and saying bad things. Just want to give an advice. There is something that we do it, and we think it is right and make the other praise us. But instead, actually, unfortunately, it is just you who think it is right. While the other think it is the stupidest thing ever that only be done by a moron. So please, think before you act and think before you say.

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Muhammad Anas bin Kamarudin said...

pathological stress? hehe...

jgn terus check eh? betul gak, but on the contrary, betul2 lepas exam la kita ingat soalan... tunggu lama sikit x ingat dah soalan... kalau bagi bawak balik soalan xpe gak...
tapi ikut masing2 la kan...

al-muhim, learn from mistakes... ;)