Sunday, April 24, 2011


I did not take any sleep yesterday, just a nap perhaps. I have got extreme stomachache and I still can feel it now. It is too painful that makes me can not start studying at all. The pain radiates to other sites. Some of you who are reading this may think that I'm writing a PBL questions. No, I am not! Seriously, I do have stomachache now and I do not know what the diagnosis is (although I already learned about GIT system).

Some may suggest me to go to hospital. Honestly speaking, I hate hospitals, seeing doctors,doing medical check-ups and consuming medicines. Hahah...I hate to see a doctor but I am trying to be one. I just afraid if the doctor would diagnose me that I am suffering from any dangerous, fatal diseases. Besides, I could not imagine if the doctor will say that I need to be operated or should proceed to any surgical procedure.

And now I still can feel the pain, but not painful much as yesterday. Quite better, and I hope it will be gone soon. And I keep thinking, should I go to hospital? What if I am having something serious? I will never can accept it!

Ya Allah, please give me strength and hopefully this pain could diminish, wash away some of my sins