Saturday, April 30, 2011

Something to say about the Microbiology Practical Exam

Alhamdulillah, the microbiology practical examination is over (just for section 3 members~ ngahaha). Okay, there are something that I want to share to those who do not take the exam yet.
During the exam, there are some things not good happened to me. So, watch out guys~!

1) I confused with all the plates
There were so many plates and some of them seems exactly the same. If you studied them well, you may find the differences. But, if you do like me, who did not prepared well for the exam, then you'll face what I've faced. I just confused the oxidase test and the pseudomonas pigmentation on nutrient agar. Haih~

2) +VE or -VE?
The slides annoyed me enough. It was okay if they just came out in one or two spots, but they came out at least until 5 spots with slides!! (I honestly forgot the actual numbers is). When I saw the slides, I know it well from the shape; whether it bacilli, cocci, grape clustered or what. But, I forgot whether THEY ARE GRAM -VE OR GRAM +VE.

3) Was that a smear of culture?
There was a slide on Gonococci. In the slide, I saw something blue. I knew it was Gonococci, but I don't know whether it was a film smear or culture. I then remembered that, the only slide for Gonococci culture is red in color (gram negative cocci). So, I just guessed the blue slide was a smear, not a culture. Haha...

4) Do I need to write everything?
Most of the questions, I knew the answer but I did not know exactly what did I have to write.
As examples,

a) there was a photo of T.Pallidum. I don't know whether I just should write' T.Pallidum' or 'T.Pallidum in electron micrograph (let say)'

b) they asked about mode of transmission of chlamydia. I don't know whether I just should give the route such as direct contact, auto-inoculation etc without mentioning the diseases, or I should give the mode of transmission according to the diseases caused by it? (trachoma - direct , C.Psittaci - inhalation of dried faeces)

c) there was a plate on oxidase test. I don't know whether I have to say "Oxidase test positive for gonorrhea" or what. Instead, I just wrote "Oxidase test positive for Gonorrhea (I did not mention the word "test")

d) smear
I don't know whether if I need to write the full account like "Gram -ve gonococci in smear with methylene blue". Instead, I just write Gonococci in smear.

I knew the answers, but I did not know how to express it in words!

Just want to write the rest in Malay.

Okay, berita-berita panas yang sibuk diperkatakan dalam kalangan pelajar Alex ialah:

1) Kes politik, pasal Anwar Ibrahem. Aku pun tak tahu sangat pasal berita ni, tak pernah sentuh pun.

2) I-Pad 2. Budak Alex ni kaya-kaya, boleh beli macam-macam. Aku je miskin. Ngahahah~

3) Tiket balik Malaysia, aku pun tengah sibuk cari sekarang ni. Mahal bukan main lagi. Haih..

4) Perkahwinan Putera William dengan sape entah. Aku tak ambil tahu langsung. Prince William tu pun aku baru tahu kewujudan beliau bila budak-budak ni kecoh hari tu.

5) NSGB..Bila la nak settle ni. Dah bosan tengok Mic menjerit kat depan tiap-tiap hari. Haih~

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