Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Taking Taxi or Cab in Egypt

I am very sure that most of you (foreigner students) who are studying in Egypt have problem of taking taxi or cab. To be exact, it is not the availability of the taxi that being the issue, but the problem is : How much we do have to pay for a ride?

Most of the taxi drivers here (not all of them) are being too selfish and they use to take opportunities on foreigner like us. They may double the fee because they think that we do not know how much the actual price is. Ouch, watch out! If you are unlucky enough, they may make you to pay TRIPLE of the actual price! (or more! :P)

That is why learning Egyptian language is essential when traveling/studying/being in Egypt so that you won't be cheated by some of them. Another factor which lead them to cheat on us is :

We are being too gentle and polite to them. Sometimes we refuse to pay more and try to make a deal with them, but when they raise their voice (scolding tone) to force us to pay more, some of us will become afraid of them and just obey what they say and give them how much they want. What is in their head is...foreigner is too afraid of them and they can do whatever they want.

So, some these may help you when taking taxi/cab:

1) Deal with the taxi driver first. If they want us to pay more, just ignore them and do not take a ride with him. Just go away from him and find another taxi.

2) If you do not want to deal, just take the cab. When you reach the destination, come out from the taxi first and just pay reasonably. Then, keep on walking where you're heading to WITHOUT LOOKING BACK! If the driver call you, just pretend that you do not hear them. :P

3) In the taxi, please avoid yourselves from showing off/taking out your camera, luxurious mobile phone, Ipod, Ipad, mp3 player and something that makes them to think that you are rich and have many moneys. Avoid from using those things while you are still in the taxi. Just keep them in your bag or your pocket and do not let them to see your expensive gadgets.

4) If they ask you, "Enta minin?" (Where are you come from?)...or they may ask you, "Enta malizi wala eh? (means you're Malaysian right?). Please do not answer that you come from any developed country or any "rich" country. Just answer that you are coming from a developing country.

Example :

Q : Enta Malizi, sah?
A : La', ana musy malizi. Ana Indonesi.

Why do I pretend to be an Indonesian? It is simple! If you're saying so, they will think that you are just like them; do not have much money. Furthermore, there are some of the Indonesian ladies come here for a job and most of them are working as maid. So, they'll think that you're poorer than them. Haha...

Ok, that's all for today. Why do I write this? Guess what? Recently, I was cheated by one of them. I just take a ride to somewhere which just few kilometers long, but I was charged for LE 15. (fifteen Egyptian Pound). The actual price is just LE 5-LE 7. They were really mean!

p/s : Being in Egypt, you have to learn to be patient and get use of being cheated!

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