Saturday, October 8, 2011


Orientation should be made to make students understand the clinical situations. Definition of orientation..."an adjustment or adaptation to new environment, situation, custom or set of ideas."


What is ILA? TBL ?

Still don't get it! I know what each letter stands for, but have no idea what we should do or where we should be during those TBL or ILA session.

Don't know where classes will be held, can't find our class, then being late and as the result, we'll be scolded severely by professors.

But please have some patience, Khairi (or mocking like you have it!)...The timetables still do not come out yet. After getting those, inshaAllah everything will be fine! Adaptation takes time!

Feel so sorry for those who returning Egypt late and missed the orientation session, they're absolutely digging their own grave! (or may be not :P)....Hope they won't be "blurred" on their first day like I did.

p/s : Was I made the first step into the clinical year with the wrong foot?


Anonymous said...


TBL tu bincang2 soalan ttg 1 topic buat kat cc,satu lecture.ILA buat kat unit masing2,x ramai,bebudak unit je,assignment present depan semua org kat cc

BTW,ko unit apa,

just nak remind la surgery ni docs garang2 suka tempik2 org,tp lama2 oklah dah lali,doktor mostly laki ,xde pompuan kot,kena hormat diorg sebab nanti OSCE ngan diorg gak,klu docs dah x puas hati ngan kau,kena la time OSCE nanti ade je kes yg dapat markah teruk sbb docs anti budak tu

aku dulu GIT hehe..
anyway goodluck ,bersedia la balik lambat tiap hari =)

Khairi Malik said...

macam kenal je siapa senior ni..okay, identiti anda dirahsiakan...

thanks sangat sebab sudi bagi informasi...skrg sy surgery unit Head and Neck...

er...suka tempik2 orang? so scary~

Pikah said...

haha takutnya!!! :(