Monday, November 21, 2011

Parts of Growing Up

Winter and cold breeze
My home as if surrounded by moat
I want a warm hug from my mother
But what I can get only an old blue blanket

Problems and messy life
Feel like there's no point of keep holding on
I want to share my problems with my father
But what I've found only a folded praying mat

Study and stress
Exams are just around the corner
I want to hear the magic words from my sisters
But what I've found only a dusty Quran

That's true
I can't put everything on them
I have to learn by myself under guidance of Allah
I have to learn to cope the stress, solve the problem, and have a little patience!

Just be grateful with the old blanket coz some other people are less fortunate
Use the praying mat and ask for some magic from Allah
And open the dusty Quran and wash some dirts and hard stains on my heart

Ya Allah, please give me strength!

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