Saturday, April 30, 2011

Something to say about the Microbiology Practical Exam

Alhamdulillah, the microbiology practical examination is over (just for section 3 members~ ngahaha). Okay, there are something that I want to share to those who do not take the exam yet.
During the exam, there are some things not good happened to me. So, watch out guys~!

1) I confused with all the plates
There were so many plates and some of them seems exactly the same. If you studied them well, you may find the differences. But, if you do like me, who did not prepared well for the exam, then you'll face what I've faced. I just confused the oxidase test and the pseudomonas pigmentation on nutrient agar. Haih~

2) +VE or -VE?
The slides annoyed me enough. It was okay if they just came out in one or two spots, but they came out at least until 5 spots with slides!! (I honestly forgot the actual numbers is). When I saw the slides, I know it well from the shape; whether it bacilli, cocci, grape clustered or what. But, I forgot whether THEY ARE GRAM -VE OR GRAM +VE.

3) Was that a smear of culture?
There was a slide on Gonococci. In the slide, I saw something blue. I knew it was Gonococci, but I don't know whether it was a film smear or culture. I then remembered that, the only slide for Gonococci culture is red in color (gram negative cocci). So, I just guessed the blue slide was a smear, not a culture. Haha...

4) Do I need to write everything?
Most of the questions, I knew the answer but I did not know exactly what did I have to write.
As examples,

a) there was a photo of T.Pallidum. I don't know whether I just should write' T.Pallidum' or 'T.Pallidum in electron micrograph (let say)'

b) they asked about mode of transmission of chlamydia. I don't know whether I just should give the route such as direct contact, auto-inoculation etc without mentioning the diseases, or I should give the mode of transmission according to the diseases caused by it? (trachoma - direct , C.Psittaci - inhalation of dried faeces)

c) there was a plate on oxidase test. I don't know whether I have to say "Oxidase test positive for gonorrhea" or what. Instead, I just wrote "Oxidase test positive for Gonorrhea (I did not mention the word "test")

d) smear
I don't know whether if I need to write the full account like "Gram -ve gonococci in smear with methylene blue". Instead, I just write Gonococci in smear.

I knew the answers, but I did not know how to express it in words!

Just want to write the rest in Malay.

Okay, berita-berita panas yang sibuk diperkatakan dalam kalangan pelajar Alex ialah:

1) Kes politik, pasal Anwar Ibrahem. Aku pun tak tahu sangat pasal berita ni, tak pernah sentuh pun.

2) I-Pad 2. Budak Alex ni kaya-kaya, boleh beli macam-macam. Aku je miskin. Ngahahah~

3) Tiket balik Malaysia, aku pun tengah sibuk cari sekarang ni. Mahal bukan main lagi. Haih..

4) Perkahwinan Putera William dengan sape entah. Aku tak ambil tahu langsung. Prince William tu pun aku baru tahu kewujudan beliau bila budak-budak ni kecoh hari tu.

5) NSGB..Bila la nak settle ni. Dah bosan tengok Mic menjerit kat depan tiap-tiap hari. Haih~

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Learn From Mistakes

Alhamdulillah~ The endocrine system exam is over and I can start focusing on the assignments. Can I add more letter S behind the word? There are many assignments to be done but less time left and this lead to pathological stress. I repeat, PATHOLOGICAL STRESS! Not physiological stress okay~

During the exam, I was too confident answering the questions till I forgot to recheck the paper. There are some rules :

1. Do not be too confident with you answer. Please read the questions once again carefully.

2. If you think you found the answer in the MCQs, please do not move to the next questions yet. Please read all the choices given. May be the one you have answered is wrong ; it just too close with the actual answer. May be your choice is true, but it is not the best. Please find the best answer, not a true answer!

3. If all the questions have been answered, and there is still time left, please do not waste it. Start to re-answer it again as if you just begin.

After the exam ended, there are some other rules :

1. Do not check the answer from your book immediately. If you insist to check it, please do it at home. Checking answer just after finishing the exam will make you have no mood to attend and focus the lecture/class. Especially when you just realized that your answer is wrong!

2. If you checked the answers from book, and you found that your answer is wrong, please do not feel too frustrated. At least you still can learn form mistakes and you won't do the same mistake again in the final exam.

3. If you insist to check your answers, please refer from books directly. Do not refer to your friends no matter how clever he/she is. Nobody is perfect and so is she/he. Why? It's simple! If your answers are different from someone you refer to, you will feel very inferior and feel down. No matter how clever they are, they still can make mistakes right? It is still possible that you are right and they are wrong.

That's all from me. So guys, please be careful during the exam. The most important thing is, "NO CHEATING!".. It is illegal, unethically behavior and sinful.

p/s : There is someone who is suffering from Attention Deficiency Syndrome. And he keeps on seeking attention by doing and saying bad things. Just want to give an advice. There is something that we do it, and we think it is right and make the other praise us. But instead, actually, unfortunately, it is just you who think it is right. While the other think it is the stupidest thing ever that only be done by a moron. So please, think before you act and think before you say.

Monday, April 25, 2011

An Accident At Orchid Restaurant

This morning, I logged in my facebook account and read a link from Sayuti. It was about a Malaysian student who are studying in Egypt, was robbed recently. The post was written on April 11, so I guessed that the unfortunate moment were quite new.

The post put me in a great fright. Could you imagine, danger is everywhere and it even can chase you when you are at home! And just now ; around 11.30 a.m, my housemates and I saw an accident! We went to Coffee Bean Restaurant at Louran, which located near by San Stefano. We went there by tremco.

When we arrived, I heard a loud cry and quickly looked back to find where did the sound came from. Baem, who was the first of us who came out from the tremco, was in shock! It seems like he just saw something terribly happened. Baem just stood there, speechless and his body was quite shaking.

Guess what? I saw an old man, laid unconsciously on the road divider. He was so helpless and blood kept on streaming down from his head. I asked Baem on what had happened and Baem said that he saw the old man was hit by a taxi. The old man was hit ,and threw onto the roof of the taxi before he fell on the road divider.

There was something made me touched enough ; the family members of the old man were there! , and they saw how did the old man, (one of their family members) was hit severely by the taxi. I saw all of them ran across the road, tried reaching the old man and kept making loud cries. Could you imagine if someone from your family, was hit by a high-speeding car, IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES?!!

In few minutes, the place was crowded by nearby people. A policeman and an ambulance came and took the old man to hospital. We were so surprised to see the accident. It was so live that we saw it in front of our eyes! I hope the old man is still alive. I wish Allah SWT will give him another chance to live so that the old man can repent and do more "amal soleh".

After seeing the frightening accident, we crossed the road carefully, scared of being hit by accelerating cars just like the old man was. Baem, who really saw the accidents almost from the start was still shaking. May be Afiq and I were unlucky enough, because when we came out from the tremco, we just saw the old man already laid there, we do not see how the old man was hit. Or..should I say that Afiq and I were LUCKY?

I am so going to remember the accident.

I think they really have to make a "nafak" there!

p/s : Dangers are everywhere and death are so much closer than you thought!
So Alexandrians, please be more careful when you are crossing the road!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


I did not take any sleep yesterday, just a nap perhaps. I have got extreme stomachache and I still can feel it now. It is too painful that makes me can not start studying at all. The pain radiates to other sites. Some of you who are reading this may think that I'm writing a PBL questions. No, I am not! Seriously, I do have stomachache now and I do not know what the diagnosis is (although I already learned about GIT system).

Some may suggest me to go to hospital. Honestly speaking, I hate hospitals, seeing doctors,doing medical check-ups and consuming medicines. Hahah...I hate to see a doctor but I am trying to be one. I just afraid if the doctor would diagnose me that I am suffering from any dangerous, fatal diseases. Besides, I could not imagine if the doctor will say that I need to be operated or should proceed to any surgical procedure.

And now I still can feel the pain, but not painful much as yesterday. Quite better, and I hope it will be gone soon. And I keep thinking, should I go to hospital? What if I am having something serious? I will never can accept it!

Ya Allah, please give me strength and hopefully this pain could diminish, wash away some of my sins

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tolong La Rajin Sikit

Ok, post ni untuk menaikkan semangat diri sendiri yang sedang kemalasan study. Sebelum tu nak minta maaf kat housemate sebab post kelmarin. I shamed you publicly, so I've to apologize publicly. Lepas ni, kita masing-masing cool okeh, babeh!

1. Betulkan niat
Datang sini bukan nak main facebook, bukan nak keluar pergi Carrefour atau mana-mana mall, bukan sibuk fikir nak melancong ke lain. Nak fikir benda-benda tu semua boleh, tapi sila study dulu ok. Kalau niat dah salah, nak belajar pun rasa malas.

2. Ingat cita-cita
Belajar bukan untuk parents, bukan untuk professor kagum atau sebagainya. Prof Manal cakap, "You're here not for marks coz you're not getting post in our country. But you're here for knowledges!". Jadi, sila bayangkan yang kau ni dah jadi doktor nak tolong orang dengan ikhlas. Jadi doktor Muslim ye kita.
Huh? Ni nak belajar ni dah baca doa ke belum?

3. Ingat kesusahan keluarga
Ini cuma berkesan kepada sesiapa yang berasal dari keluarga miskin macam aku. Kepada anak orang kaya, memang dia tak dapat ingat pun apa kesusahan keluarga. Mungkin kita jadi "shock" sebab tiba-tiba dapat duit banyak dari scholarship sampai joli habis-habisan. Jadi, sila rewind balik, ingat semula kesusahan yang dialami sebelum ni. Kalau kita makan sedap-sedap kat sini, cuba fikir family kita makan apa ye kat rumah? Kalau kita beli baju mahal kat sini, fikir balik. Family kita pakai apa je kat rumah? Kita malas belajar macam ni, family kita malas juga ke? Family happy ke kalau tahu kita malas study?

4. Ingat Allah SWT
Belajar sebab Allah. Selalu aku sebut dalam blog ni. OK, tukar sikit. Sila jangan buat ibadah semata-mata nak jawab exam. Bila nak dekat nak exam baru sibuk nak baca Quran padahal sebelum ni berhabuk Quran tu. Sebab apa jadi rajin ibadah ni? Sebab nak exam!! Ya Allah, jauhkanlah kami semua dari perangai macam ni.

5. Kalau rasa malas, cepat-cepat ambil wudhu pastu baca Quran jap sehelai dua. Zikir sikit-sikit ke, tahmid tasbih takbir dan sebagainya. Kalau rasa malas, jangan terus buka facebook atau cari katil. Haha..Itu bahaya ya kawan-kawan.
Berdosa bagi sesiapa yang mampu bekerja, tetapi tidak/malas bekerja Kalau bagi kita yang sedang belajar ni...? Berdosa bagi kita yang patut belajar , tetapi malas belajar!
Lagi sekali ye diingatkan...BERDOSA!!

ni semua dari ceramah Ustaz Aqli time tafaqquh dulu

p/s : Khairi, sila study sekarang! Jangan makan elaun buta!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Open Minded

Alhamdulillah, ni semester terakhir sebelum masuk tahun klinikal. Sekarang pun dah masuk Urogenital System. Dalam menuntut ilmu ni, niat kena betul. Memang tu paling asas. Kalau niat tak betul, nak belajar dan mengulangkaji pun rasa malas.

Tadi waktu Histology, Dr. Hala mengajar pasal Male Reproductive System. Ada juga yang betanya, "Er..kenapa doktor perempuan yang mengajar tajuk ni?". Erm, yang tu tak kisah la.

Tapi ada seorang ni, sebelum doktor mula mengajar, dia sibuk kecoh-kecoh

" Isy, takkan lah kita nak belajar pasal testis? Tak mahu lah aku belajar pasal penis. Eee~"

Ingatkan dia cuma monolog sendirian, tapi rupanya dia sibuk "menggangu" kawan-kawan lain dengan menunjukkan ekspresi jijik terhadap tajuk yang bakal dibentang itu. Memang ayat tu diulang-ulang dengan nada yang kuat.
" Eeew, tak nak lah belajar pasal ni"

Kalau nak jadi doktor ni, memang kena tahu banyak benda, termasuk sistem reproduktif ni. Semua sistem dalam badan manusia ni berkait. Mula-mula memanglah sakit tu "localize" di satu sistem sahaja. Tapi lama-kelamaan kebanyakan penyakit akan mula memberi kesan terhadap sistem lain, dan itu termasuk reproductive system.

Kalau tak suka tajuk ni dari awal lagi (sebab dah di mindset sebegitu), macam mana kita nak faham tajuk ni supaya ingat dalam kepala? Aku nak cakap pasal ni pun, aku tak adalah pandai dalam bab-bab belajar ni. Sekurang-kurangnya aku tahu yang kalau kita nak senang ingat, kita kena minat. Tak kenal maka tak cinta.
Semua sistem kena tahu!

Dalam kelas praktikal hari tu, doktor ada terangkan tentang penyakit Hypothyrodism dan Hyperthyrodism. Doktor terangkan semua manifestasi yang ada pada kedua-dua penyakit tersebut kecuali genital system. Ya, doktor tak terangkan pun apa kesan hypo/hyperthyrodism terhadap sexual function.

Jadi, aku pun tanyalah doktor, "Doctor, does hypothyrodism gives effects to genital system?"

Doktor pun baru teringat yang dia terlupa nak terangkan pasal tu.
"Yeah, of course it gives effects on sexual function bla bla bla..."

Selepas doktor habis terang tu, aku tanya lagi, "Doctor, how about hyperthyrodism? What are the effects on sexual function?" Kemudian, doktor tu pun jawab soalan aku. Sebelum balik, ada kawan yang bertanya,

"Isy, kenapa kau ni? Tanya pasal sexual function je? Benda tu je ko pikir eh?"

Astagfirullah~..Aku bertanya memang ikhlas sebab aku nak tahu, bukan sebab aku otak kuning atau berfikiran lucah. Sekarang ni, siapa yang otak kuning sebenarnya? Macam yang aku cakap tadilah, belajar ni semua kena ada niat yang betul. Kalau ikhlas belajar topik ni sebab nak jadi doktor, nak tolong orang kerana Allah SWT, InshaAllah boleh punya. Lainlah kalau ada niat lain atau mengambil kesempatan belajar topik ni untuk benda lain yang tak elok. Wallahu'alam~

p/s : Kalau niat dah terpesong, nak belajar dan mengulangkaji pun rasa malas.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nampak Rajin Tapi Malas

Ok, tadi aku baca buku Solusi, bagus buku tu. Kepada sesiapa yang nak pinjam, bolehlah kontek aku lepas ni. Sebab aku rasa benda baik macam ni, eloklah dikongsi.

Sifat malas ialah kesan dari sikap tak ikhlas dalam apa yang diamanahkan kepadanya. Mereka yang malas termasuk dalam sifat riak. Sifat riak ini dikeji oleh Allah SWT dan malah manusia sendiri.

Ciri-ciri sifat malas :

1) Rajin bekerja ketika ramai tapi malas ketika bersendirian.

2) Semakin ghairah bekerja jika dipuji dan akan berkurangan apabila dikeji.

Sebuah hadis dari Ali bin Abi Talib r.a berkata, "Orang yang riyak memiliki beberapa ciri; malas jika bersendirian dan rajin di depan khalayak ramai. Semakin ghairah dalam bekerja jika dipuji dan semakin berkurang jika dicela"

3) Kuat bekerja untuk kepentingan diri dan dunia tapi malas untuk kepentingan orang lain dan untuk akhirat.

4) Tidak ada matlamat dalam hidup. Sabda Rasulullah SAW bermaksud, "Aku takut apa yang menakutkan berlaku pada umatku, besar perut (kuat makan), banyak tidur, malas dan lemah keyakinan. " (Riwayat al-Daruqutni dan al-Dailami)

Sebab tu Rasulullah SAW ajar kita berdoa :
"Ya Allah, aku mohon perlindungan Engkau dari sifat lemah dan malas"

Friday, April 8, 2011

Human Right 'Kosa Kata'

Bila belajar Human Right ni, memang banyak kena belajar vocab. Erm..antaranya...

1) Inherent = kekal
2) Constitution of Medina = Piagam Madinah
3) Judicial = keadilan (justice)
4) Treachery = ketidakjujuran
5) Endowed = dikurniakan
6) Amelioration = merawat, memulih baik
7) Ratified = didesak (Akmal cakap..haha)
8) before the law = berdasarkan undang-undang
"before" di sini bukan membawa maksud "sebelum"

9)arbitrary = secara rambang, tanpa sebab yg kukuh
10) tribe = kaum kerabat
11) genocide = pembunuhan beramai-ramai
12) prevail = mengatasi

Patient's right?

1) chaperoned = ditemani
2) breaches = sempadan pemisah
3) provision = penyediaan (from verb "provide")
4) redress of grievances = baik pulih selepas malpraxis (lebih kurang macam tu la kot)
5) confidentiality = sulit
6) anonymization = mengalih (remove) maklumat diri pesakit dari bahan kajian/ sampel
7) non stigmatization = tak boleh diaibkan (not deserve to be shamed)
8) mutatis mutandis = pengubahsuaian
9) refraining = berhenti membuat tabiat yg buruk
10) sexual promiscuity = bertukar-tukar pasangan
11) sanctioned by law = dipersetujui dengan undang-undang

Hahah..ini berdasarkan apa yg aku faham la..Kalau aku ambil course Law, mesti vocab aku power giler.

Just a test..
Based on Universal Declaration of Human Right, article 26, technical and professional education shall be....?

A. Free and compulsory
B. Available
C. Equally accessible

Hahah..Memandai je aku buat soalan sendiri. Ok, good luck esok!

p/s : Kadang-kadang kita tahu maksud perkataan bahasa inggeris tu, tapi kita tak tahu apa maksud dia (perkataan yg lebih tepat) dalam bahasa Melayu.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Visa Tak Laku?

Tadi dalam kelas, Mike (Mic actually) buat pengumuman pasal hantar pasport. Mic cakap..

"Siapa yang dah buat visa kat Malaysia pun kena hantar untuk dibuat visa sebab visa yang dibuat kat Malaysia tu tak laku di sini!"

What??? Ramai juga yang marah. Tapi diorang cuma marah sebab penat beratur panjang untuk dapatkan visa dan bayar mahal.
Jigglypuff, please sing me a lullaby to calm me down~

Tapi, aku lebih bengang sebab

Aku sampai terlepas flight dengan MARA, hingga terpaksa balik sendiri sebab aku kena buat visa. Tapi bila aku dah buat visa, dan balik Mesir dengan tiket sendiri, tiba-tiba cakap visa yang dibuat kat Malaysia TAK LAKU DI SINI??

Post yang lepas bertajuk "Jangan Marah". Eh? Aku marah ke ni? Eh, mana adalah. Aku tak marah langsung. Aku happy sangat sebab visa yang aku buat kat Malaysia tu (sampai buat aku terlepas flight) tak laku sebenarnya kat sini.

Aku sangat happy sekarang, macam nak buat celebration party. "Seriusly!"

Monday, April 4, 2011

Jangan Marah

Semalam ada yang luah masalah dengan aku. Marah benar gayanya. Teringat aku pernah baca dalam buku Solusi..

Apabila seseorang itu marah, hendaklah dia menyebut lafaz isti'azah dan kemudiannya segera berwudhu. Sekiranya sedang berdiri, hendaklah dia duduk dan sekiranya sedang duduk, dia hendaklah berbaring. Sekiranya masih dibimbangi masih tidak dapat mengawalnya, maka dia perlu beredar dari tempat atau orang yang dimarahi/memarahinya itu.

Memang betul, kalau ada orang sengaja nak sakitkan hati/ejek/perli atau apa-apa, lebih baik lari je dari orang macam tu. Tak perlulah nak bersua muka kalau jumpa pun asyik nak gaduh je. Mengalah bukannya kalah kan?

Aku rasa lari dari orang macam tu merupakan jalan penyelesaian terbaik berbanding bersua muka, kononnya "kalau tak puas hati jangan cakap belakang, jumpa terus!". Tapi bila jumpa ajak berdebat, bertikam lidah dan masing-masing tak tahu mengalah. Masing-masing bagi hujah nak menang walhal hujah tu kadang-kadang tak bertepatan langsung.

Rasanya tak eloklah berdebat kalau benda tu tak menyelesai masalah, tetapi semakin dipanjang-panjangkan. Aku pernah alih beberapa orang dari senarai rakan di facebook aku. Manakan tidak, setiap kali aku post status, dikomennya pedas-pedas dan pelik-pelik serta menyakitkan hati. Aku rasa itu jalan terbaik dengan "beredar" dari orang macam tu.

Kesimpulannya, jangan marah. Hanya berkata yang baik ataupun diam.