Friday, July 20, 2012

O Allah, Please Save Islam

Alhamdulillah, I just returned home from Masjid for Fajr prayer. Then I logged in my facebook as usual. Guess what I've found in the news feed? They are all statuses about saving Islam, saving Muslims in Myanmar, Syria,  Palestine and Indonesia. Alhamdulillah, there are still somebody out there that care of what is happening to Muslims in all over the world. They keep getting updated on the latest news.

We may not be able to help them by going there and joining them to fight for their right, but at least we could share these news and make everybody noticed of what is happening to our Muslim brothers and sisters there.
At least we can remind other people to keep on praying for them. 

We may not be able to join them to fight, and we may do not have enough money to donate but at least we can pray for them. Do you know the power of a prayer? Do you believe that your prayer can do a miracle and change the world? I do!

Here some pictures and statuses that I've found from facebook....


Our brothers in Syria is breaking their fast...We eat luxurious food while they just eat some dates and sweets. Did you noticed what is written on the bricks? 


Do you know what is happening in Myanmar? Our Muslim brothers are keep on being killed by Buddhist there. No one came for help because "we" prefer to watch them being killed on tv.


This is a video of a project named Save Maryam.  Majority of people who live in Indonesia are Muslims but every year,  2 million people in Indonesia leave Islam for Christianity. So, are you just prefer to see our Muslim sisters and brothers to convert into Christian?


Just a stupid, rubbish Malaysian newspaper. Guess what's written? They called Muslims in Syria as terrorists. I just can't believe and don't know why they wrote so. 
Malaysia itself is a Muslim country, but its newspaper says other Muslims as terrorists?

Do you know why stupid people become reporters and authors of newspaper in Malaysia? The answer is ; because all smart people prefer not to tell lies and accuses! Only stupid people do.

This is a facebook status from a friend of mine. Summary : 2nd night of Tarawih prayer [تراويح]‎ ,at football field in Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University of Egypt. She was amazed with the recited Du'a Qunut. The contents of the Du'a are :

- Praying to Allah so that He helps their leader (president) in managing their country.
- Praying to Allah so that economy in Egypt will be improved.
- Praying to Allah so that He saves Egypt and always keeps Egypt in peace.
- Praying to Allah so that He helps all Muslims ALL over the world.
- Praying to Allah so that He saves Muslims in Syria and Burma (Myanmar)
Tarawih prayer in Egypt at Masjid Ibrahim. So many people right? Do you see thousands of people praying tarawih like this in your country? I can't find this in my country.

No doubt, I will miss Egypt so much when I return to my country soon. What she said is true, one of the things that makes Ramadhan in Egypt really meaningful is the Du'a Qunut. I never find Imam reciting Du'a Qunut like this in Malaysia (or I am the one who still can't find it). 

Please, pray for Muslims in all over the world. They need our help. :)

p/s : My English is bad. Please ignore the grammar mistakes and inappropriate vocabulary.


Muhammad Anas bin Kamarudin said...

really like this post khairi.
basah hati~

hUr said...

Like :)

Zawani said...

sayunye bacaan imam tu..teruskan berdoa untuk saudara2 kita disana.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the photo under the word Egypt is really Egyptian. I think it's some kind Iranian or Pakistani lang. because I can't understand it .. it's just not Egyptian.

Anonymous said...
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her friend said...

for the anonymous

she is really not an egyptian,
she is a malaysian student who is studying in Alexandria University in Egypt,
and she is praying taraweeh in Egypt
it is the Malay language. not Iranian or Pakistani

not only Egyptians in Egypt bro.
as the same as other country :)

ramadhan kareem
kullu sanah wentum aqrab ilallah