Sunday, August 5, 2012

My Favourite Athletes

Aku sebenarnya tak nak ambil tahu pasal olimpik, tapi terambik tahu jugak. Sebab best pulak olimpik kali ni. Banyak shocking news, new record dan sebagainya lah...

Actually, there are many of them that I like. But here are three of them that I like most.

No 3
Michael Phelps

I read that he won 17 medals all this while and 14 of them are golds. Not really sure about this. Some people say that he took drugs and weeds. But no one should believe media for 100% right? Haha.. May be they are jealous and start to make story about him.
If that was true, who cares? I don't!

No 2
Dato Lee Chong Wei

He lose the match, but he wins many hearts.
Haha..This is a quote made by one of his fan. He even said sorry on twitter after the match ended. Dear DLCW, you shouldn't say sorry, but we are the ones should say thank you to you. You've won the 1st silver medal for Malaysia. Congratulations.

The reasons why I respect him
a) He is Malaysian!
b) He's polite and warm. He is being friendly to all people and don't mind of taking pictures together or giving  autographs.
c) He is very humble (not arrogant) that he makes all people love him.

No 1
Oscar Pistorius, the Blade Runner

I don't think that I should give reasons why I respect him the most. If I was born with no limb, I just stay at home and do nothing. But he did not. He was born as an athlete.
Did you know that between the ages of 11 - 13, Oscar played water polo, rugby and tennis? Wow...Instead of doing nothing or waiting to be help to move, he did all that!
Don't look at his legs, but look at his records! He is even can beat other runners with normal two-legs.

He is the fastest man with not legs that goes to Olympic Games!

Okay, thanks for reading my miscellaneous post. They are three athletes that I like most. How about you? Can you please describe yours in your comment?  :P

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