Sunday, September 2, 2012

Get Motivated

To those that read my post which I've deleted yesterday entitled "Doktor Tak Berguna", I bet you all know what I feel right now. So down and depressed for being insulted like that. Would you imagine how could a sis insult her own biological brother? She did it as if I'm her step-brother; someone she really hates.

On the 1st September was my birthday. When I logged into my facebook account, I saw many posts from friends of mine wishing my birthday.

When I felt so weak, I saw a post from my O&G doctor. It was motivational enough to keep me feeling good.

Here it is..

I hope I will be a great doctor. No matter what bad things they say (even my own family), I won't lose hope and keep my faith & I'll keep being strong and looking forward of being one of the great doctors inshaAllah.

Thank you professor Amr Adel. I hope I'll be great doctor as you are.

p/s : I know my English is bad. But I don't care what you're saying. :P


Anonymous said...

prof O&G sendiri pernah cakap woman in labour/pain = crazy woman. hahaha

mieza said...

you will be a great doctor one day..