Friday, December 14, 2012

Do Exercise!

Ops~! Sorry for deleting the previous post. The entry contains some opinions of mine that may cause misunderstanding. Besides, the picture I attached contains an inappropriate word which is not nice to be read.

Okay, now I need to focus on the exam as the exam is just around the corner. (It the day after tomorrow!!).

Here I would like to give you a study tip(s).....
[should I put the letter s behind the word "tip""? It's a noun or showing plural?]

"You don't know what you know until you answer the MCQ exercises. When most of your answers are wrong, then you'll realize that you're not ready for exam yet. "

conclusion : MCQ exercise is very important. TQ

I put new label in this blog. "Study tips". If you want to see how I study, just click the label posts.

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