Friday, January 25, 2013

Delusion of Reference

Delusions of reference refers to the strongly held belief that random events, objects, behaviors of others, etc. have a particular and unusual significance to oneself.

Do you understand the definition above? Okay may be the sentence is quite difficult to interpret.

Delusion of reference means.....someone believes that articles, song lyrics, facebook posts are made for him. He believes that the article he read is referred to him, he believes that the writer is writing or talking about him.

So, if you think my blog posts sounds like I'm writing/talking about you, then you're now having delusion of reference. Please consult your psychiatrist immediately before your condition worsens. Furthermore, I have no time to write anything about you. You do not even deserve that. Thank you!

p/s : Please, consult your psychiatrist IMMEDIATELY!


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Ya Allah! Tergolak den baco post ni! Apa pun, syukran and praise to Allah sebab post ni best!