Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Deal with People

Being a Muslims, there are two things we have to take care of ; relation with Allah and relation with others.

Relation with others
Dealing with people is never easy. Each one of them has their own characters, good side and bad side. Today in class, the doctors taught us on how to do the simple suture. But one of the Egyptian in my class was so annoying. He didn't give chance to the other students to do the suture themselves.He couldn't wait to ask a question before the professors end their speech. Honestly, I am not a racist. In my previous elective course, I could get along with the Egyptian student well. I do not hate Egyptian, I just hate him. I just hope my course will end quickly so that I won't see him again.

After class, I found my mp3 earphone could not function well anymore. So, I decided to buy a new one. Heading into an accessory shop, I asked the shop owner for an earphone. But the owner of the shop did not allow me to try the earphone before buying it. He said, "Buy it first, then you can try it at home!" So, what if the earphone will not function well?  Will I have my money back? So I just canceled buying the earphone. The shop owner was so angry to me for not buying anything from him after entering his shop. So what? Like I care.

Now I can't listen to my3 songs. I always listen to song when I walk home, riding train to class or return home, and when in class while waiting professor to come and give a lesson. Dealing with people is tiring. That's why it's better to listen to mp3 than talking with people. Words from people will hurt you, but lyrics from songs heal you.

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mieza said...

kdg2 mmg x larat nak layan kerenah semua org..
mcm2 hal.
tp nk wt cne kan, nak x nak kte sbgai manusia mmg mmrlukan 1 sme laen