Saturday, June 7, 2014

To Blame and To Shame

I logged into my fb account as usual, saw a post from Cadbury saying that they do concern about halal food as we do. Then I read the comments below, and the comments from Malays disappointed me. Oh I'm a Malay too. Well, at least I do think differently.

Cadbury says that their products are proven to be halal. Actually, it's up to us whether we want to believe it or not, but we have no right to insult and give harsh words to the company. We say that we are a Muslims and eating pork is strictly forbidden in Islam. But we forget that insulting others are haram too. 

I felt so ashamed reading those comments; full of inappropriate words and racist comments which are not nice to be heard and seen. And some of them even put the blame on non muslims. What did they do that makes you hate them so much? 

1) Cadbury says their products are proven to be halal. If you still in doubt, don't bother yourselves buying or eating it. You don't have to accuse them and insist to prove them wrong. When you restrain yourselves from eating it when you're in doubt, you get rewards due to your patience. But when you insult them, you'll get sin. 

2) If the chocolate is proven to be haram, Muslims are the only ones who are forbidden to consume it. 
Non Muslims shouldn't be blamed for eating something Muslim can not eat. 

3) Every laboratory tests has its own level of specificity and sensitivity. Some test are highly false positive. May be the test accidentally detected a substance which having the same molecular properties as the porcine dna does. And that made the result became falsely positive. 

4) When it comes to halal or haram thing, everybody turns to food/nutrition experts. Too much concern about something you can't even see, but neglecting sins which were done daily like missing a prayer, telling lies, insulting people, hanging out with girlfriends/boyfriends holding hands together. (p/s : touching pigs is not haram, we just need to 'sertu' it. But touching non muhrim is strictly haram). It's "sertu" not "samak".

Okay aku tak tahu kenapa tiba2 post ni aku tulis bahasa inggeris. I know my English is bad but at least I try to practice instead of insulting other people for making mistakes in grammar/vocabulary. Okay it's 3 am in the morning and I want to sleep. Salam..

p/s : I'm not as pious as you are, but I know that insulting people and blindly accusing people is sinful..

Ustaz pernah cakap kalau benda2 kecik yg kita tak leh nampak ni jangan ambik kisah sangat.
Contoh kalau nak sedekah, tak yah susah2 fikir ke mana duit tu akan disalurkan sebab sedekah tu sendiri dah dapat pahala.
 Contoh lagi kalau darah nyamuk kat pakaian solat tu tak dikira najis jadi boleh teruskan solat.
Ni DNA babi lebih kecik dari darah nyamuk. Tapi dosa2 hari2 yang besar dan boleh dinampak ni yang patut ambik kira. Contoh tinggal solat. Tak ke terang2 benda tu kita tau kita sendiri dah solat ke belum?

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