Thursday, October 23, 2014

Two Weeks :)

I'm returning to Malaysia in two weeks! Tak sabar.

Knowing that I don't have much time left being here, I asked my friends to hang out but they even did not reply my message. May be they are focusing on the exam too much till have no time to log in their facebook. 

Places I want to visit before I return home are :
1) Matrouh
2) Sharm El-Sheikh
3) Montaza Park
4) Mamoura beach
5) Citadel Qaitbay for last time ever

And activites I really would like to do with my friends before I returning home are :
1) Having a good Cinnabon rolls
2) Karaoke-ing
3) Bowling
4) Eating seafood

Tapi apakan daya. I don't think I could fulfill all these within two weeks. :(

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