Friday, December 11, 2015

2nd posting

okay sekarang ni aku dh ada kt 2n posting, iaitu o&G. actually dah sebulan lebih da aku kt sini.
tapi aku just nk inform je. kbye,

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Still First Posting

To those yg mengikuti blog aku jarang-jarang terupdate ni, thank you for masih setia. Ada lagi tak yang masih setia? Haha... blog aku jarang update tp status facebook hari-hari aku update.

Okay aku nak bagitau yang aku hari tu kena extend kat ortho dua bulan. Aku rasa lama gila 2 bulan tu. But now sekarang aku bakal melangkah jauh bayi nespray ke next posting. Aku rasa kejap la pulak 2 bulan tu tak perasan pun.

Honestly I learned many things sepanjang 5 bulan lebih ni. And most of people I know they advised me to do my own business yg boleh buat aku dpt side income. And they asked me to pick something I like to do.

Okay I like to:

1) singing and create songs. I know my voice sucks tp aku memg suka cipta lagu2 yang bergenre motivasi. And I hope one fine day i can create songs and ask other people with good voice to sing my song.

2) bake cookies
ok sila gelak sekarang. I know I am a man but i love to bake cookies. I even decided to have my own hipster coffee shop yg orang boleh dtg and enjoy and could release their stress.

3) I really would like to learn languages and berminat nak jadi translator subtitle movie-movie atau cerita-cerita kat tv to. The languages that i love to learn most are arabic, korean, thai and spanish.
Currently aku nak belajar thai sebab aku suka horror2 movies diorang. And sometimes aku stress kalau ada some part tu xde subtitle.

Ok sori my posts lately too mengarut. Kalau korg dh xnak follow pun tkpe. Tapi aku nk cakap satu benda je, please stay positive and don't be too stress like I do. Ok bye~

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

physically manifested

i've been working as a houseman for 3 months (but still dont have my assessment yet. lol). and I still cant tolerate the stress. when i expressed it on facebook, i got criticized for being spoiled, weak and unable to adapt the environment.

last week, after reviewing my patients, I stood there in front of the their beds; waiting for specialist to do round.
The specialist on that day is well known for his fussy-ness, easily get irritated and will always find your mistake. And he scolds housemen a lot.

while waiting for him, I was so nervous until my chest hurt. I had a 6/10 pain score chest pain, and I was unable to breathe well and I was gasping for air. I put my hand on my chest, did the massaging so that the pain relieved. Then I squatted down , sitting there quietly.

Realizing I was in that uncomfortable condition, my patient asked me whether i was okay or not. I could hardly breathing, and I can't answer his question. I just stared at him with a bitter smile on my face.

then my collegue who was incharged in acute cubicle as I was, noticed what was happened. He then brought me to ho room and asked me to take rest for a while. Then during round started, as I expected, I was asked multiple question about the patient as if I was with the patient since birth. And I was scolded for not knowing every single details of the patient. But at that time, my head was empty and I just dont care and dont give an F anymore. Just scold and shout to me to the top of your lungs, I just dont care.

the specialist just know to scold, but they dont know how long i flipped over the old bht to find who started this antibiotic and what happened in the ot which I was not there. and they dont know how suffocating the anxiety,chest pain and sob I experienced before waiting for him to do round.

I had the chest pain and sob due to anxiety more than 3 times. And i am quite sure that I will experience it again after this. and I am expecting I will getting heart attack before 30.

honestly, I was so tired of being a doctor. It's not about can adapt or not, but it's about the scolding envionment. And i think medicine is just not for me, I cant work under pressure created by my superiors.

sometimes I was needed in two places at the same time eg:a&e and clinic /ward or clinic, and either way I will be scolded for not attending the another. I was scolded for mistake I didn't do. I just saw the patient once, but was scolded for not doing the job which supposely done by previous doctors reviewing the patient.

People say that I am not being grateful for having a job while other people is dying for my position. and people keep on asking me to be patient and keep strong without experiencing themselves what did i went through everyday. Say whatever u want, coz u dont have right to judge me and u dont know how miserable I feel everyday. I keep on receiving phone call from hospital even if i am on leave.

honestly, I started to lose my sincerety of being a doctor, and I started to treat patient with my heart empty. I need a better job ; a job that i like, I job that I enjoy to do, a job that wont be scolded severely for the mistakes that aren't mine and a job that doesnt give me anxious chest pain. i dont know what to do and i dont have back up plan.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

During my time....

honestly, being a houseman, the most tiring frequent phrase mentioned by our superiors are "during my time...."

kalau kita tak ingat case and tak ingat disease patient, nanti dorang akan cakap "during my time kan, aku jaga satu ward ak bole ingat patient. ni kau jaga sikit je tak kan tak ingat?"

the problem is... did during your first posting you already remember the whole ward? ke time last posting? and then kalau ada mistake ke apa diorg akan cakap, " during my time, aku dah bole handle patient boleh diagnose bole buat kerja. ni kau ni lembap".

and then ada my friend yg habis kerja kul 5, tp was asked to stay until 9. Then alasan specialist, " come on la you chose this career so u should stay 24 hours. during my time i tidur kat hospital bla bla bla". padahal dia dh passover kerja tu to the next person. honestly i didnt choose this career but i end up being here stuck with annoying fussy superiors.

I once post call at 1 pm in the afternoon. it was so tired so i returned directly after that without going to class held on every week. then they askedmy why did i absent. so aku cakap la aku post call. then dia cakap, " so, post call can be use as excuse to not coming to class? during my time I oncall 3 days straight but still able go to class."

honestly penat kalau argue cakap melawan pulak. lantak la kau nk cakap aku houseman yg xde quality ke apa ke tapi aku memang penat oncall pastu dia suruh gi kelas. klau aku gi kelas pun tertido jugak x dpt tumpu perhatian.

honestly most of the superiors are muslims but they dont behave like muslim. suka marah2, jatuhkan air muka orang publicly, dan caci maki orang. honestly bukan semua orang bole di-train dengan marah-marah. some of us are quite rebellious and makin dimarah makin menjadi-jadi. so some of us kena ada soft approach. aku mengaku ada yg jenis naik kepala kalau jd baik. tp kalau orang mcm aku, kalau orang marah2 memang apa yg dia ckp tu x masuk kepala. instead orang yg ckp elok2 tu aku akan ingat apa dia ajar sebab aku rasa x sampai hati nak buat dia kecewa dgn aku so aku akan lebih semangat nak study.

tapi kalau jenis marah2 aku malas sikit aku smpai jadi "kau nak marah, marah la. aku buat apa pun kau marah." and i end up x improve myself.

kesimpulan, i dont hate my job. but i hate some of my annoying fussy superiors. bye.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

tired of all this $h!t

Kena marah.
Dimalukan di khalayak ramai.

Dibodoh dan dikepalahotakkan
Dipukul kadang-kadang
Disindir sinis

Kena siapkan banyak order serentak in limited time
Like we have thousand hands
Living in fear everytime patients' vital signs are not stable

Living far from family
No one to talk or tell my problem to here
Yesterday I dont buka puasa until 8 pm.
My meal and sleeping time is berterabur
Not enough sleep
No time to read books for the assessment

Want to meet psy for a long leave so that i can calm myself down
But its not a wise decision as long as people will talk behind your back and you will be known as crazy person.

Want to quit but no back up plan
Want to proceed being a doctor but no strength left
Want to die but suicide is a big sin and I will be sent to hell directly
Dont know what to do
Dont know what should i do

Once i returned home at 2 am and have to go to work back at 6.
I'm tired
Tired of all this shit
I dont mind the big salary
I just want a better life
If i know life will be like this, I wont study so hard at school so that I wont be qualified to take medicine

If i know life will be like this,
I will never think of medicine as my career.
Tired of all this shit
Sorry for the inappropriate word.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

need back up plan hahaha

"Khairi kau dah sebulan lebih kat sini takkan lah slow lagi?"

Haha itu common aku dengar. Aku memang slow and lambat pickup. And my specialist cakap " if u choose to be a doctor, u have to sacrify everything". Masalahnya bukan aku yg choose. Tiba2 fated kat sini tak kan nak blame fate 

Hari tu aku cakap aku x jd nak berenti sebab abah aku suka jd doktor. Tapi aku kena la jugak fikir back up plan in case aku rasa tak tahan and aku send surat resign on the spot haha.

Honestly aku memang lembap and bodoh and aku tak rasa profesion ni untuk aku. Aku clerk and review patient took about 20 minutes, masuk branula cbd pun lama kemain. Honestly aku dah penat la wei bukan aku sengaja nak lembap.

Esok aku kat emergency , tempat yang aku paling x suka sebab tempat tu aku kena buat semua benda yg aku x suka : clerk patient and branula. Boleh tak aku nak MIA esok haha?

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Tak Mampu, Nak Quit

Honestly aku dah penat dah. Aku tau mesti orang akan cakap , "rilek lah kau baru sebulan kerja memang tak boleh adapt lagi". So u think I can adapt to resist all the scoldings and public humiliation in two months? Honestly aku tak larat. Hari-hari kena marah padahal kita struggle so hard. Siap balik lewat demi nak siapkan kerja tapi bila tak ingat satu blood investigation result, kena maki tu macam aku berzina je.

Bila kita luah kat orang, the only words came from their mouth is "sabar lah pasti ada hikmah bla bla bla.". Lol. klise. I repeat...Cliche! And geng ustaz-ustazah pulak keluarkan hadis-hadis and potongan ayat quran tentang sabar and tajdid niat lah apa. And will get rewards lah apa. Yes i knowww... sebab aku masih ingat Allah la aku still hidup sampai sekarang and tak lagi sampai tahap nak potong radial artery or terjun bangunan hospital dari tingkat 5.

Honestly dlm quran pun ada sebut yg Allah xkan ubah nasib umat dia melainkan umat tu mengubah nasibnya sendiri, which means may be Dia nak aku  ubah nasib aku dari jadi doktor dengan jadi benda lain. Wallahualam la kan.

And ada yg suruh aku sabar and buat pekak la apa lah. The biggest problem is hati aku ni hati tisu bukan hati batu. Ada yang cakap, ingat pasal gaji. Honestly aku sampai tahap fikir biarlah gaji aku 1000 je pun sebulan asalkan aku dapat tidur yg cukup and tak kena marah macam diri ni hina sangat.

Dan aku sekarang macam nak jadi cikgu dan nak ambil kursus perguruan lepasan ijazah (kpli) which is dah tak dibuka sekarang sebab due to lambakan guru kat malaysia. Honestly menyesal x jadi cikgu. Dulu aku amik medik ni pun sebab aku dengar belajar "luar negara". So without thinking of my future, I just accept the offer and fly abroad.

Bayangkan lah we do most of the work, and ada senior2 yg passover the work to us and then they abscon ntah ke mana. But bila presentation, i did bad and get scolded infront of everyone while our senior yg passover pun tu get praised for the good presentation. And sometimes diorg rapat dengan mo/specialist and pandai hide diorg punya mistake.

Kadang2 masa kerja dah lama habis. I should punch card out at 10 pm but still staying in hospital accompanying my collegues yg still banyak kerja. But when we asked help from orang lain dorg cakap "oh sori masa kerja aku dah habis".too much selfihness in this environment. Dulu my sister cakap , " doktor kan pandai2 masuk universiti semuanya jadi mesti perangai pun baik". Lol. Padahal semua jenis suka marah-marah orang depan pu‘blic without caring about air muka and maruah orang.

Honenstly i really want to quit sebab being in hospital pun cuma menambah masalah kat orang lain, and my absence sangat menyenangkan orang lain. But what choices do I have and what back up plans left? None! I came from poor family and if i quit, I will have financial problem. Tapi to stay and sacrify myself demi other people happiness: sacrify by facing all the scoldings and public humiliations tu rasa macam x worth it.

Orang cakap " best la keja doktor gaji mahal." Honestly bila thinking of apa yg kita kena plus the workload, not enough sleep, scoldings, and tak cukup makan, I think housemen should earn more than that.

Ada yg cakap, mo yang garang-garang suka marah orang tu sebab they pun struggle so hard and kena benda yg sama time diorg ho dulu, thats why they become harsh towards new ho to balas balik la dendam kesumat tu kononnya. But the problem is diorg kena dari orang lain tapi balas dendam kat orang lain. And they should cut/end the vicious cycle and kena faham lah mcm mana diorg survive during first posting ho dulu.

And i was about to refer myself to psy. So that I can have a month off and boleh re-evaluate myself and come back to work dengan semangat. Tapi orang cakap, once u refer psy ur record will be bad. And kalau transfer hospital pun nanti orang akan cakap-cakap belakang. And kalau quit and minta kerja lain pun xlepas sebab orang akan fikir kita ni pernah kena refer doktor mental.

And i was thinkin to transfer myself to hospital yg lebih dekat dengan my famili sebab during this stressful ho life i really need to be close to my famili. Furthermore my father ada IHD and slalu sakit-sakit. But i was told that bukan senang nak transfer hospital and kalau nak transfer pun kena ada strong reason and kena wait for a year at least.
Honestly i dont mind to restart my 1st posting at the new hospital asalkan hosp tu dekat dengan rumah and i can go home setiap kali stress habis kerja. Tapi when i rethink back, hospital mana-mana pun sama je. I cant expect the new hospital yg dekat dgn umah tu like a bed of roses ntah-ntah lagi teruk dari current hospital i'm training in.

And right now I dont know what to do. Nak quit, xde back up plan.
Nak stay, rasa tak sanggup.
And everyday I go to work with rasa terpaksa, palpitations everytime I wake up from sleep, tachycardic everytime I'm on the way to hospital, and my heart fibrillates everytime i walk into ward.

Dulu I always take care of my body of my health. Always keep my clothes ironed, my facial hair shaved, wash my face and take good care of my look. But right now I just change my white coat once a week, I let my facial hair unshaved and messy as hell, not combing my hair and pimples and acne appeared on my face all over the place.

Honestly I hope one day I will find a bright light of this long, dark, torturous and depressing tunnel. :-(

Khairi, I dont know how did u graduate. Did you buy your certificate?

Saturday, May 9, 2015

something you will learn in housemanship. sad but true

1) you have time to eat but if you are a fist poster, your seniors sometimes ask you to do this and that. So kadang2 susah nak gi makan. When you go to eat for a while, you will be scolded and people will say you did abscon.

2) people are selfish and tend to save their own ass. Dont expect people will help you much. Sometimes they give cranky and fussy patient for you to clerk, while they clerk the most cooperative ones. And when you do MPO presentation, you will be scolded if you dont know the details of history of your patient.

3) if you finish your shift, you can help your friends but do not clerk or take a new case coz they will be on your responsibility. Just help them by filling lab form, inserting branula and send blood to the lab. Dont bother clerking of doing physical examination.

4) people tend to blame each other so be careful. Although the mistake is not yours, you will be scolded for that too. If you deny and try to defend yourselves, you just put yourself in deeper trouble.

5) know about history of all patients in your cubicle. Coz you might be asked and you are not allowed to say "this is not my patient" or "this is not my case". Then you will have to answer this kind of question from your specialist "why you bother being a doctor if you neglect your patients?"

6) be nice to people around you. But you need to remember people can be dangerous. They can stab your back anytime. Be nice to them but be careful at the same time.

7) some people are good at being hypocrite. Sorry i dont know what the exact spelling is. They act so cold and being so mean to you, but they change to a totally different person in front of mo and specialists. They suddenly become angels and teach you evertyjing step by step. But when the "vip people"are not around, they will ne so harsh!

8. Dont expect you get enough sleep, enough food and enough rest. Even when you are on your off day, people keep updating you progression of your patient which makes you feel worry about you patients. And you will feel so guilty for having off day and not being in hospital to take care of your patients.

9) expect to get a lot of scoldings. From anyone. You may get scolded by lab worker, nurses, you senior hos, mo, specialists and even your patients. Be patient!

Ok banyak lg benda terbuku. Later. Bye

Friday, April 24, 2015


Semalam ada sesi ambil dara yang pertama. Jadi sebelum kami dibenarkan untuk mengambil darah pesakit, kami perlu mengambil darah sesama kami terlebih dahulu.

Bila sampai turn aku, darah yang kawan aku ambil tak keluar-keluar. Nurse cakap sebab vein aku kecik sangat dan tak visible. Kurang workout katanya haha.

Kemudian, disebabkan oleh vein not visible, beberapa kali juga lah my friend tu tak dapat cucuk. Sakit dia cuma tuhan yang tahu. Rasa macam kena cucuk banyak kali dah tapi darah tak masuk jugak dalam syringe.

Then nurse tu cakap, sekarang ni baru awak tahu perasaan patient macam mana kalau awak salah cucuk diorang. Ok insaf. hahahha.... sorry post pendek banyak kerja. kbye.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

I Am Going to be A HOUSEMEN!!

Alhamdulillah, dah tak lama dah nak start jadi housemen. Tak tahu lah samada nak cakap Alhamdulillah atau Nauzubillah haha. Sebab macam semua medical students tau, life as HO ni memang nightmare sampai kat news pun ada study saying 1 in 5 HO quits.

And now, I'm still waiting for my Program Transformasi Minda. Previously, it was called Induksi. Tak kisah lah sama je mana-mana pun.

Honestly aku macam SEDIKIT kecewa sebab hospital yang aku pilih iaitu HoShas , aku x dapat. Sebaliknya aku dapat HtAA which is still kat Pahang jugak. Abah cakap, bersyukur je la asalkan dapat keje pun dah bagus.

So, nak share what are the steps you have to do after finishing your study as a med student.

1) first, you must have all the important documents like your medical degree, your whole semesters result transcript. Previously, provisional certificate was allowed to be used but nowadays, it was not allowed anymore. Only original certificate does.

2) Go to mmc website and download the form from there. Sorry for not sharing you the link to the website. Cari sendiri. Fill up the form and send the document to mmc to get your temporary mmc registration certificate. Previously, it only took a day to get your certificate done, but due to accumulation of medical graduates, you have to wait for a week.

Oh lupa nk bgtau, seeloknya send the document by hand coz sending it via post , kau akan dpt sijil pendaftaran tu lambat.
Watch out coz mmc is quite fussy about completeness of your document. Kalau ada silap SIKIT je, your form may be discarded. So isi form betul-betul ehh.

3) download the kkm form from kkm website or you can take the form in the kkm building yourselves. As usual, fill up the form and send it to kkm. Honestly I'm not sure whether this step still relevant or not coz this kkm form ni tujuannya hanya untuk penempatan. Sekarang kita dah ada sistem ehousemen which you can choose your hospital instantly. Tapi tak salah isi je form ni coz better safe than sorry kan.

4) remember to prepare a lot of photos coz each form demand you to submit your 1-2 photos. And dont forget to photocopy a lot of your documents like spm certificate, your degree, transcript, ic, birth certificate etc.

5) Fill up spa online form. You can do this before or after you get your mmc certificate . Suka hati kau lah.

6) after getting your mmc certificate, ring up SPA dengan CEPAT to book interview. Medical graduates ramai, so you may have to wait for 2 months to be called for interview. So kalau call cepat, cepat lah dapat interview.

7) after pergi interview spa (dont worry you will pass the iv no matter how bad you did it), kau akan dpt offer letter and documents to fill up sbelum keje. Ok i know there are a lot of forms yg kau kena isi sampai kau dah jelak nak menulis borang tapi kau hadap je lah.

8) after done interview with spa, wait for the ehousemen online form to open. Kat website ehousemen tu nanti dia ada bgtau cuma orang yg dpt offer letter bertarikh sekian-sekian yg boleh isi. Dont forget to register or you will not be able to log in. 
IF you fail to register or it states that your ic is not in their data, it means you have to wait for another intake. So sentiasa check ehousemen and be alert. Ada ehousemen ni mudah, kau boleh pilih hospital kau nk in a blink of eye (over je blink of eye. Pui!). Haha...

Ok aku tak tau nak share apa dah. Pape pun please pray for me so that I can survive dunia HO yg mengerikan lagi menakutkan itu ya hahah.

Sori sebab aku tulis blog ni guna phone je so banyak typo, shortform and mengarut. Thanks kbye.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

ada lagi orang baca blog ni?

Guys sorry sebab lately I was busy preparing myself to start my housemanship.

I was thinking to be active in writing about medicine again. Tapi before that i want to ask : ada lagi ke orang yg baca blog ni?

I know my pageview are decreasing due to my stupid emotional posts so I promise that lepas ni i will be more careful in writing blog. So nak tanya ade orang baca lagi kr tak? Kalau xde nak tutup. Kalau ade, nak renew balik haha.

Friday, February 6, 2015


Honestly aku tak tau kenapa tapi aku rasa rindu sangat kawan2 satu batch kt mesir. Touching mengalahkan budak perempuan. Tapi itulah hakikatnya.

Bila aku pergi kl hari tu jumpa kawan2 rasa macam tenang je. Dan bila kawan2 aku datang rumah hari tu pun rasa hepi sangat. Aku memang rindu kawan2. Manakan tidak 6 tahun kot bersama gila kau x rindu?

Honestly rasa kecewa bila aku mesej kawan2 tapi diorang tak reply. Aku tau diorang busy ada yang kerja dan sebagainya tapi aku rasa terkilan sebab rasa macam forgotten gitu.

Tu lah orang cakap, people drift in and out of our life as they please. So we have to accept the fact. Aku pun tak leh la emo girly shit sebab aku lelaki kena cool.

Berkawan biar beribu, bermusuh jangan sekali. Yang penting sekarang just focus on our lives and our future. Okay aku nak fokus famili aku je sekarang. Dan fokus kepada bakal famili. Hihiii ni teaser ni. Inshaallah kalau ada rezeki, nanti aku maklumkn kat blog ni. Doakan kebahagiaan saya ya. :)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

I don't understand What GST are for

Honestly aku tengok kat iklan tv, Pekin Ibrahem dan pelakon-pelakon yang lain cakap kalau nak faham GST tu apa, sila buka laman web dia secara direct.

But the problem is, when I read the article, I could not understand a thing. Tak tau lah aku ni memang jenis bodoh bahasa melayu atau tak berpendidikan ke apa, tapi gaya bahasa yang digunakan untuk menerangkan GST tu sangat tinggi. Guna bahasa melayu tinggi, perkataan-perkataan bombastik yang sukar untuk aku fahami. Pendek kata, kalau orang commoner yang bahasa melayu dia ala2 kadar macam aku ni tak faham apa yg dimaksudkan dengan GST ni sebenarnya walaupun dah buka web tu.

The 2nd one is, orang yang berlakon iklan support GST semuanya pelakon terkenal yang gaji diorang beribu sekali satu show, beribu sekali masyuk bila berlakon satu iklan atau satu movie. Cuba dia suruh pak cik2 peneroka felda yang cakap tentang GST.

Okay I know pelakon memang lebih senang "tarik " orang, but pelakon juga pandai berlakon dan bermuka-muka. Well nama pun pelakon what do you expect? Diorang gaji beribu memang tak kisahlah kalau harga barang naik.

Honestly I love my country, I love my government. I just dont like GST. tu je K bye.

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Honestly aku sekarang macam stress dah la takde keje, banyak problem lagi. Aku kadang2 pelik kenapa ada dalam dunia ni orang yg macam x pernah ada masalah. Hidup dia macam xde dugaan hidup langsung haha...

Misalnya ada kawan aku sorang ni, dia memang ada banyak good quality. Dah la muka hensem, badan tegap, belajar pandai jadi doktor, kaya, ada kereta, main sports ; bola sepak, rugby, berenang etc, tinggi, awek keliling pinggang. Aku tengok macam dia ni hidup hepi je. Tapi kadang2 aku perasan la dia ni macam x jaga solat sangat.

Then aku teringat perkataan Istidraj ni. Aku pun x ingat definisi istidraj yang tepat. Tapi aku faham lah ini istidraj mungkin. Dia macam dapat macam2 nikmat tapi dia jadi makin leka. Ha gitu la lebih kurang.

So walaupun aku x hensem, badan x lawa, miskin, x main sports ,pendek dan semua negatif ada pada aku, aku bersyukur sekurang-kurangnya aku selalu berdoa meminta kepada Allah apa yg aku nak. Tak adalah aku sombong sebab aku dah ada semuanya.

Ok malas nk taip lebih panjang. Semoga kalian paham apa yang aku nak sampaikan. kbye. Salam.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Alahai Bas Sri Jengka

Sebenarnya aku dah lama sedih dengan bas sri jengka yang henti-henti ni. Bas kuantan-jengka. Jangan salah sangka, aku bukan tak suka company bas ni, aku cuma terkilan dengan bas henti-henti tu je. Tapi bas express dia okay and not bad.

Bayangkan lah tadi aku tunggu kat bus stop since 1 pm sampai 5 pm. Aku rasa kalau aku pergi kuantan dah lama dah sampai. Selalunya bas ada around 1 lebih tapi tadi haram satu bas pun xde. Last-last aku balik camtu je.

Orang kata bas sri jengka ni selalu sangat rosak. Memang betul pun aku pun pernah naik bas rosak sampai kena tukar bas lain kat tengah jalan. Honestly aku rasa kalau ada company lain yg buat bas from kuantan-jengka mesti company tu maju.

Tadi aku nak gi bandar jengka dari rumah aku kat jengka 6 ni. Dekat je. Pendek kata kalau dari pukul 1 hingga kul 5 tu, aku dah patut bole ulang alik banyak kali dah. Tapi apakan daya kenderaan takde terpaksa la mengharapkan bas tu. Susah hidup kalau duduk kawasan pedalaman ni.

Aku x sabar nk ada kereta sendiri. Senang. Nak gerak mana-mana pun tak yah mengharapkan orang yg x ikhlas nak bawak and x perlu tunggu bas yang lembap. Okay akhir kata, aku harap company tu boleh improve bas dia. Bye.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Double Standard

Last month, I went to a bank to open my new account.
When I entered the door, the guard was staring at me, looking me up and down. I was wearing my simple t-shirt and dull colored jeans. The way he stares like I'm going to rob the bank. Ah lantak kau lah.

After completing all the form, I took my number and had a seat, waiting to be called. When my number was shown on the screen, I went to the counter. But suddenly this well dressed guy (or should I say rich looking guy) take my Q. And I was like "heyy it's my turn lah".

Unfortunately the worker asked me to wait until she done dealing with the man. Disappointed. But what can I do?

Then when I was dealing the bank worker, she did not smile at all. Her face was all grumpy as if she was on her period. Lol. In order to open a new account, the minimum amount I need to deposit is RM 100. So, she then asked me for 100.

"Tapi kak, saya bukan nak masukkan seratus. Saya tulis seribu tujuh ratus kat situ."

Surprised hearing me saying the amount, she asked " eh mana awak dapat duit banyak2 ni?" Her face was full of doubts.

"Saya baru habis study , ni duit elaun saya yg lebih-lebih so saya nak masukkan kat dalam bank nak simpan".

Then, as usual, common questions came after that such as " blaja kat mane, blaja course apa and etc". After knowing that I was a medical student and an oversea graduate, she started to fake a smile.

Then beria tanya nak keje kat mana and start gurau senda and gelak-gelak. And I just played the "game". She changed to a totally different person, from grumpy and gloomy woman to a cheerful and talkative one.

Well I think we should not treat people based on their looks or economical status. And I really hope our government PANTAU pekerja yang macam ni. Really hope so. Kbye.

2015.... A New Start. Continue blogging.

Alhamdulillah hari ni 3 Januari 2015. Dah 3 hari masuk tahun baru. Tapi perangai syaiton aku masih belum dapat diubah.
Tapi yg penting bukan tahun baru, yg lebih penting ialah hari ni 12 Rabiulawal iaitu hari Maulidur Rasul.
Jadi jika anda membaca blog ni, sila la ambil masa 10-15 saat untuk selawat ke atas junjungan kita nabi Muhammad SAW.

Okay aku tau aku jarang berblogging sebab dulu busy kan tahun akhir. Okay sekarang ni aku nak start balik. Lagipun sekarang menganggur x buat apa pun.

Honestly macam-macam berlaku kat egypt waktu tahun akhir. Ada yang kawan aku sebab nakkan something, ada yang ikhlas and ada yg x kisah pun lol haha. Well, like seasons people change. Ok cukup takat tu.

Sekarang ni aku tengah cari kerja sementara dan minggu depan aku nak gi temuduga satu kerja ni. Hehe rahsia xleh bagitau keje apa. Ko tunggu je aku update kat sini.

Aku baru je deactivate facebook dan unfollow beberapa kawan2 aku kat instagram. Alasan aku ialah sebab diorang selalu post gambar throwback mesir which is i'm trying to get over. And ada juga aku unfriend/remove orang yg realize my existence only when they need something.

Well I know tu tak matured but at least it's quite satisfying for me. Okay cukup takat ni untuk malam ni. Inshaallah aku akan cuba la update blog ni dari semasa ke semasa lagipun aku free gila babeng sekarang ni x buat apa. K chow. Bye. Muah.