Friday, January 2, 2015

Double Standard

Last month, I went to a bank to open my new account.
When I entered the door, the guard was staring at me, looking me up and down. I was wearing my simple t-shirt and dull colored jeans. The way he stares like I'm going to rob the bank. Ah lantak kau lah.

After completing all the form, I took my number and had a seat, waiting to be called. When my number was shown on the screen, I went to the counter. But suddenly this well dressed guy (or should I say rich looking guy) take my Q. And I was like "heyy it's my turn lah".

Unfortunately the worker asked me to wait until she done dealing with the man. Disappointed. But what can I do?

Then when I was dealing the bank worker, she did not smile at all. Her face was all grumpy as if she was on her period. Lol. In order to open a new account, the minimum amount I need to deposit is RM 100. So, she then asked me for 100.

"Tapi kak, saya bukan nak masukkan seratus. Saya tulis seribu tujuh ratus kat situ."

Surprised hearing me saying the amount, she asked " eh mana awak dapat duit banyak2 ni?" Her face was full of doubts.

"Saya baru habis study , ni duit elaun saya yg lebih-lebih so saya nak masukkan kat dalam bank nak simpan".

Then, as usual, common questions came after that such as " blaja kat mane, blaja course apa and etc". After knowing that I was a medical student and an oversea graduate, she started to fake a smile.

Then beria tanya nak keje kat mana and start gurau senda and gelak-gelak. And I just played the "game". She changed to a totally different person, from grumpy and gloomy woman to a cheerful and talkative one.

Well I think we should not treat people based on their looks or economical status. And I really hope our government PANTAU pekerja yang macam ni. Really hope so. Kbye.

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