Saturday, May 9, 2015

something you will learn in housemanship. sad but true

1) you have time to eat but if you are a fist poster, your seniors sometimes ask you to do this and that. So kadang2 susah nak gi makan. When you go to eat for a while, you will be scolded and people will say you did abscon.

2) people are selfish and tend to save their own ass. Dont expect people will help you much. Sometimes they give cranky and fussy patient for you to clerk, while they clerk the most cooperative ones. And when you do MPO presentation, you will be scolded if you dont know the details of history of your patient.

3) if you finish your shift, you can help your friends but do not clerk or take a new case coz they will be on your responsibility. Just help them by filling lab form, inserting branula and send blood to the lab. Dont bother clerking of doing physical examination.

4) people tend to blame each other so be careful. Although the mistake is not yours, you will be scolded for that too. If you deny and try to defend yourselves, you just put yourself in deeper trouble.

5) know about history of all patients in your cubicle. Coz you might be asked and you are not allowed to say "this is not my patient" or "this is not my case". Then you will have to answer this kind of question from your specialist "why you bother being a doctor if you neglect your patients?"

6) be nice to people around you. But you need to remember people can be dangerous. They can stab your back anytime. Be nice to them but be careful at the same time.

7) some people are good at being hypocrite. Sorry i dont know what the exact spelling is. They act so cold and being so mean to you, but they change to a totally different person in front of mo and specialists. They suddenly become angels and teach you evertyjing step by step. But when the "vip people"are not around, they will ne so harsh!

8. Dont expect you get enough sleep, enough food and enough rest. Even when you are on your off day, people keep updating you progression of your patient which makes you feel worry about you patients. And you will feel so guilty for having off day and not being in hospital to take care of your patients.

9) expect to get a lot of scoldings. From anyone. You may get scolded by lab worker, nurses, you senior hos, mo, specialists and even your patients. Be patient!

Ok banyak lg benda terbuku. Later. Bye

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Muhammad Anas bin Kamarudin said...

thanks for the heads up... all the best kecik!!